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Gerard McGann is a high performance coach and planner supporting clients to create businesses that align with their purpose, grow sustainably and deliver profits year after year.

After a long career starting as an apprentice tradesman at just 17 years old, into senior management and culminated as CEO and Executive Director of a mulit-million dollar company, Gerard is now living his passion by supporting others to find and connect with their best selves, and build their own million dollar + business.

Gerard’s expertise comes from decades of working with high performing teams, running and rebuilding businesses and facilitating growth and development.

MTC - Team - Drew Rodwell

Drew Rodwell

Drew has been leading people for over 20 years, and has demonstrated the uncanny ability to translate goals into strategy and strategy into reality, within small and large teams.

Due to circumstance Drew learnt early to trust the strengths of others and to allow his team members to lead. Drew gets that people perform at their best when they understand the goals, know the framework and have the skills to own the outcome.

Drew advocates that under these circumstances and in a safe environment the team holds themselves accountable and will reach for innovations and deliver agility the leader hasn’t thought possible.

Drew has been consciously working on his leadership craft for over 15 years utilising tools and techniques that provide clarity and get leaders working on tasks and thoughts that make a difference.

Drew lives and works by his values of Learning, Caring and Owning, bringing them to each facet of his life.

MTC - Team - Soren Jensen

Soren Jensen

Soren is described as an entrepreneurial leader with specialist skills in the commercial construction industry. With over 20 years in the private sector, Soren spent 16 years building a well-respected construction company focussing on the health and education sectors. The winner of multiple Master Builders Association Industry awards, in 2017 the business was selected to participate in the ANZ Business Growth Programme at the University of SA.

Engaged leadership, building successful relationships, a strong commercial intellect along with a strategic mindset have underpinned his success. The foundation of his leadership strengths are empathy, communication, and adaptability.   

As a business coach Soren is passionate about building lasting relationships and creating winning strategies through branding, niche positioning and achieving sustainable growth targets.

MTC - Team - Allysha Hickling

Allysha Hickling

With a background of over 15 years’ experience in Office Management and Senior Level Administration, Allysha is the oil that keeps the machines running smoothly as Operations Manager at Master Trades Collective and Gerard’s right hand wo-man!

Spending most of her career within Real Estate and Recruitment, Allysha is passionate about building relationships and assisting our clients in any way that she can.




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